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Short-term vs long-term investing?

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  Which is better, Short-Term (Day Trading) or Long-Term Investing?

Whether a client should pursue short-term or long-term investment strategies depends largely on his or her goals. Most people invest for college funding, buying a home, or retirement, which all represent long-term goals.

Short-term investors trade almost daily on the internet or with a broker in pursuit of short-term gains. Often, tremendous gains may be realized through short-term and market timing strategies. For the average individual, however, we feel these strategies are not worth the excessive risk they entail.

Our firm's focus is on long-term investing for long-term goals. We feel that only a portion of client portfolios should be invested for short-term objectives, and that cash investments, CDs, or short-term bonds are ususally the most appropriate investment vehicles for such goals.

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